Friday 30th September 2016, 7:30pm, Organ Recital, St Macartin’s Cathedral, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

On Friday 30th September 2016, I am doing a workshop and a recital in St Macartin’s Cathedral, Enniskillen.

Please click on the link for more information : )
Workshop & Concert

Extract from London recital.

I have the great opportunity to play in St Pancras London, on Thursday 15th September 2016.

Here an extract of the recital :)
Prelude & Fugue BWV541 by JS Bach

Organ Recital, St Pancras, Euston Road London, Thursday 15th September 2016 at 1pm :-)

Trio in G BWV 1027a by JS Bach

It has been a very long time since I have written anything new on my website.

here a link for the video of the Trio in G BWV 1027a by JS Bach, that I have performed few months ago.

here the link  :

Trio in G BWV 1027a by JS Bach

Concert in Luçon, France, Sunday 23rd August, 5pm


Photos from Bruges

My last trip in Belgium was good opportunity to take good shots of Bruges.
Here some samples.
It is possible look at all the photos on my Facebook.
My profile : NykkÖ-Mickaël Grégoire :)







Fazeley Street Canal photoshoot

Hi everyone. Even though my website is called Musicalnykko I am interested in all types of creative media, here are the results of an impromptu photoshoot, when inspiration struck Thai and I  last week. I wanted to play arround with the editing to reflect the grunginess of the place.


























































Music and Pictures…

Hello everybody, now more photos and videos are available on my website, but also on youtube : Musicalnykko

Here some sample of my different works, hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you

NykkÖ :D


Shindler’s List

Click here Video { Schindler’s List

Syberia 2

Click here Video { Syberia 2

The Mysterious Furnace…

Click here Video { The Mysterious Furnace…


WHO DID IT ??!!??


At The Little Theatre, Donnington

19 th, 20th and 21st of May 2011 at 7:30 PM


                     An Agatha Christie Like Murder-Mystery...
full of suspense, shivers, passion great music and murd... well, for just £6.50 come enjoy and find out WHO DID IT !!! 

Please Miss Tweed, tell us WHO DID IT ??!!??