My name is NykkÖ-Mickaël Grégoire, I am a musician and I was born in France in 1979.
I started my life as a musician as a teenager, in France where I studied at the conservatoire in Angoulème with Frédéric Ledroit for the organ and Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas for the piano.


Later I moved to the conservatoire of Bordeaux in 1997 where I studied Organ with François Espinasse and Christian Mouyen and harmony and compostion with Mr Claude Bass, Harpsichord with Martine Chappuis and the “Ondes Martenot” with Dominique Kim.
I got my diploma in Music in 2002 and my diploma in teaching in 2005.
I have worked extensively as a teacher and an accompanist for choirs (e.g Pizzicati) and soloists and instrumentalists (Attarah Ben-Tovim).
I was, however, still eager to continue learning and studied piano with Sarah Cohen and Yannick Fournier, composition with Mr Claude Bass and singing with Igor Benoît until summer 2009.
I moved to England in September 2009.
Please enjoy your visit to my website.